Stay a While in the Wild

We invite you to share in the experience through our photography.

Welcome to the Wild Side

Take a walk with us through intrepid Africa. As we go off the beaten track we bring you with us.

Welcome to Dusty Tracks

Dusty Tracks has travelled the world and wants a chance to take you along for the ride through this limited collection of photographic prints.

Join us as we travel across many continents and delve deep into the cultures and lands that we explore. With a simple goal of sharing the beauty in life, this curation of photographic prints has the ability to transport you, regardless whether you have travelled to the location previously, or not.

Our range of fine art prints are printed on museum-grade paper meeting the highest level of industry and archival standards.

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Behind the lens

Dusty Tracks is much more than just a photographic website, it is a platform that unites and inspires others to explore and reminisce on the adventures had. Dusty Tracks collaborates with other artists and is building a community based on shared passions and experiences.

Angus is planning ultimate boutique outback adventures for those wishing to explore the unknown. Very specific seasonally designed trips will be tailored, with your ultimate comfort in mind. Each person will be able to delve fully into nature and experience life in a purpose built Drovers Camp.

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Made in Australia

Dusty Tracks is proudly Australian owned and operated. We currently are planning our exclusive outback retreats for those who are interested in exploring the rugged beauty of Australia without compromising on comfort. Taking inspiration from a luxury African Safari camp, we will provide the same level of service to our Dusty Tracks Drovers Camp experiences. 

Natures raw adventure will combine with a luxurious experience of eating and sleeping under the stars.

  The remote coastlines from West to East provide a lot of inspiration for Dusty Tracks. 

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